Inovalon: Empowering the transition from volume to value-based care

February 21, 2017 Inovalon

We believe in the power of data to drive better healthcare.

This is why we come to work in the morning.

All of healthcare is undergoing a sea change transformation

from volume-based models of care to value-based models of care.

What does that mean?

Since the beginning of healthcare as a business, the focus has been on volume.

For hospitals that meant making sure that hospital rooms were full and operating rooms were in use.

For drug manufactures that means how many pills or doses of chemotherapy got sold

For device manufacturers it meant how many joint replacements were done

For the diagnostics company it meant how many X-rays, laboratory tests, or biopsies were performed.

And for health plans it meant how many members were in their plan.

But all of that is changing - and it is changing quickly.

Now its less about how many and more about the results.

How did the patient do while they were in the hospital, and did they have to get readmitted once they were discharged?

How well did the medication work?

How much better was it than an alternative medication?

What are the complication rates, cure rates, disease-free time periods or symptom-free periods?

For device manufacturers it is now a question of how well somebody does having a specific pacemaker or a specific joint replacement?

For diagnostics companies, it is now whether the test drove reliable detection or meaningful changes in treatment.

And for the health plan, it is the question of how well their diabetes is managed, high blood pressure is brought under control, how often they present at emergency rooms, and whether their cancer screening is being effectively achieved.

No longer is it simple about "how many" but rather "how well did it go or how meaningful was it"… what was the value of the healthcare instead of simply what was the volume of healthcare?

While the situations vary across the ecosystem - from what we call providers and pharmaceutical companies, to devices, diagnostics, and health plan or payors, the commonality is the same….

In order to determine the value and improve upon it, data is the crucial lynch pin.

Each and every incentive program - whether administered on the Federal level such as Medicare Advantage, on the local level in a shared-risk arrangement between a physician practice group and a hospital system, or within a shared-risk arrangement or outcomes based contract between a pharmaceutical company and a large employer or health plan - while the program may cover a large number of patients

All of the patients within a health plan.

Or all of the patients being seen in a hospital.

Or all of the patients being seen by a physician group

Or all of the employees of a company or members of a workers union.

The data all rolls-up to calculate the value.

But the determination is the result of each and every patient being considered

The diagnosis

The complications of their illness

Laboratory results


Insight into procedures performed

Vital signs

Patient-reported information

Physician details

Socioeconomic data

Access to care data

And a myriad of other data - on each patient, provider, facility within the ecosystem

All of this data then requires analysis

And then the analysis need to flow back into the ecosystem to enable and empower change

Change for the patient, the physician, the  hospital, etc.

This is what Inovalon does

We enable the aggregation of the necessary data, undertake the advanced analytics to discern what is relevant and what it all means, and then bring the insights forward in ways that can drive impact.

We do this by providing powerful platforms within the healthcare community

We are the toolset that healthcare is using to achieve their goals of navigating from a world focused on volume to a world focused on value.

We do this in so many ways

We are not an outcomes based contracting company for the pharmaceutical industry but out platforms enable our clients to track, demonstrate and improve the differentiated performance of their medications for millions of patients.

Similarly, we are not a HEDIS company, but our platform helps organizations achieve the quality measurement goals for HEDIS so that they can demonstrate their improved quality

We are not a risk adjustment company, but our platform helps organizations better understand the diseases their patients have so that they can properly match resources to patient's care needs

We are not a population health company, but our platforms help organizations understand the care that each patient needs to achieve the best possible result

We are not the healthcare company, but we are the technology platform that helps our clients - pharmaceutical companies, health plans, ACOs, employers, specialty pharmacy companies, diagnostics companies, device manufacturers, physician networks - achieve their goals

We are Inovalon and we believe that data is critical to understanding and improving healthcare.

By providing an advanced design of technology platform that can truly empower our clients to achieve better outcomes and better cost efficiencies - that in turn impact millions of patient's lives.

We touch millions of lives, hundreds of thousands of physicians, device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. Behind the scenes, often obscured from the front lines - Inovalon is decreasing emergency room visits, shortening lengths of hospital stays, lowering readmissions, accelerating drug development, improving heart failure management, improving the economics, and helping the right treatment to be selected.

Yes, we have thousands of servers, petabytes of data, private clouds, and other advanced technologies - all of which is highly unique in the marketplace. But what makes us truly special is what we do with it.

We believe in the power of data driving better healthcare and we are proud of empowering our clients to achieve this worthy cause.

We are Inovalon and we are healthcare empowered.

--- Inovalon
Healthcare Empowered™

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