• Data Has a Story to Tell. We Give it a Voice II1:35

    Data Has a Story to Tell. We Give it a Voice II

    Data. …the foundation of critical insights… and powerful capabilities. Connect, Aggregate, Analyze, Impact. Data informs meaningful action… which results in valuable impact. Not everyone is up to t

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  • Data Has a Story to Tell, We Give it a Voice1:48

    Data Has a Story to Tell, We Give it a Voice

    Data Has a Story to Tell, We Give it a Voice. Learn How. We begin to acquire it the day we're born. It drives our actions every day and helps us interpret the world around us…t

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  • INDICES® Intervention Strategies Dashboard Demo2:11

    INDICES® Intervention Strategies Dashboard Demo

    The INDICES® Member/Patient Targeting Dashboard offers a real-time view of member/patient quality and risk adjustment accuracy to help drive improved financial performance and appropriate care.

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  • INDICES® Overview Dashboard Demo2:16

    INDICES® Overview Dashboard Demo

    Leveraging cloud-based, modular platforms, advanced analytics and industry-leading data sets, Inovalon’s INDICES® Data Visualization and Reporting platform supports healthcare organizations

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  • INDICES® Risk Adjustment Dashboard Demo1:59

    INDICES® Risk Adjustment Dashboard Demo

    The INDICES® Risk Adjustment Dashboard provides insight into risk score trends, benchmark comparisons and efficiency metrics for member populations and provider networks.

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  • INDICES® Cost & Utilization Dashboard Demo2:26

    INDICES® Cost & Utilization Dashboard Demo

    Through the INDICES® Cost and Utilization Dashboard, healthcare organizations can see at a glance where and how resources are being deployed within their organization and across their network.

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  • INDICES® Quality Outcomes Dashboard Demo3:01

    INDICES® Quality Outcomes Dashboard Demo

    The INDICES® Quality Outcomes Dashboard allows healthcare organizations to gain a deeper understanding of membership, clinical and quality outcomes, and quality measure performance

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  • INDICES® for Providers Demo4:05

    INDICES® for Providers Demo

    INDICES® equips healthcare providers with the insight necessary to improve patient outcomes and care quality while lowering costs. INDICES® delivers measurable impact and value.

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  • Inovalon: Empowering the transition from volume to value-based care7:06

    Inovalon: Empowering the transition from volume to value-based care

    Inovalon: Empowering the transition from volume to value-based care |

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  • Inovalon Overview - Data-Driven Insights1:58

    Inovalon Overview - Data-Driven Insights

    Inovalon is innovating for the future, leading the transformation and delivering measurable value across the healthcare landscape. --- Inovalon Healthcare Empowered™

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  • Inovalon Overview - Healthcare Empowered1:37

    Inovalon Overview - Healthcare Empowered

    Inovalon delivers high performance analytics that are empowering the point of care. Inovalon is Healthcare Empowered.

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  • "I am Inovalon"1:35

    "I am Inovalon"

    Bringing the power and benefits of high-value transaction based data and real-time analytics to provide valuable insight and measurable impact across the healthcare landscape. --- Inovalon Healthcare

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  • The Power of Real-Time Analytics at the Point of Care50:16

    The Power of Real-Time Analytics at the Point of Care

    Data Diagnostics™ provides hundreds of patient-specific data and insights that can be ordered on-demand and delivered in real-time to clinicians at the point of care from within their workflow. Hear

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  • Inovalon Redefines Healthcare With EMC2:15

    Inovalon Redefines Healthcare With EMC

    Inovalon is proud to be redefining healthcare with EMC and Pivotal. Our Chief Technology Officer, Joe Rostock, and Vice President of Technology Architecture and Engineering, Reid McLaughlin, discuss h

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  • Inovalon presented at the Economist1:12:07

    Inovalon presented at the Economist

    Inovalon's President and CEO, Keith Dunleavy, MD, presented at the Economist: Health Care Forum 2013 on November 12, 2013 in Boston, MA.

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  • Bloomberg Government Panel Discussion1:12:46

    Bloomberg Government Panel Discussion

    Policy Meets Technology: Next Generation Health discussion panel on Bloomberg Government hosted by Megan Hughes. Featuring John Sculley, CEO, Sculley Brothers LLC; Elli Kaplan, CEO, Neurotrack; and Dr

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