Uncovering and Overcoming Obstacles of Member Participation and Engagement

August 10, 2015

Member engagement has become integral for health plans to achieve quality of care, efficiency, financial performance and retention. Learn more about the importance of member experience, as well as the motivators and detractors of participation and engagement, through insights gained from data analytics and member research studies.

Access this webinar to learn more about:

  • Member insights from the voice of the member through market research
  • Data-driven findings on member needs, motivators and detractors impacting participation
  • Influence of sociodemographic factors on members’ behavior and likelihood to participate in member engagement initiatives
  • Leveraging data insights for targeted member engagement strategies and programs


  • Jim Clement, senior director and general manager of Prospective Advantage®, Inovalon
  • Christie Teigland, PhD, senior director statistical research, Inovalon
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Member Engagement Solution - Samples